Relaxed, professionally portrayed with the right guidance

"But I'm not photogenic..."

As a photographer I often hear it "...but I'm not photogenic at all". Let me convince you that this is not the case: everyone has a beautiful side!

The origin of such thoughts usually lies in the fact that you did not like yourself in photos and then made the misconception that you are not photogenic. But it's because you never really learned how to behave in front of the camera - as far as I know it's definitely not taught in school ;-)

An essential part of a business photo shoot is guidance, or in a modern word 'coaching', I'm going to teach you how to look your best in front of the camera.

If your photos don't show what you have to offer, you'll make the wrong first impression, lose credibility and miss out on opportunities.


What does your current profile picture say about you?

The power of the first impression

For the first impression it only takes a tenth of a second. Studies show that it is difficult to change this impression when you get to know each other later. A good profile picture of you shows your personality and radiates sympathy and confidence.

Show personality

Unlike a classic portrait photo, profile photos are all about one thing: personality. Anyone who manages to convey personality online in this digital age scores. As a corporate portrait photographer, my job is to guide you and show you how to behave in front of the camera.

More sales through trust

People buy from people. People like to do business with people who seem likeable. With a high-quality photo on your website and social media channels, you create trust and lower the threshold for visitors to contact you.

New contacts in social media portals

A sympathetic profile picture on business portals such as LinkedIn improves the making of new contacts.

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