Ann Berten Sss

About us

We are Berten and Ann and are both passionate about images. Berten as the photographer behind the camera, Ann takes care of the selection, presentation and finishing.
Our business has been located in Aarschot since 1999, and from the beginning it was decided to be a photographer instead of a photo dealer. As a result, we primarily sell our own images, in the studio or on reportage. In addition, you can also call on us for reproductions, photo montages or large format prints on qualitative carriers such as fine-art paper, barite, or alubond and plexi-prints.

In other words: together we are the perfect team to fulfill all your photographic wishes in a pure, authentic way. We would like to welcome you in our photo studio in Aarschot, where Berten takes you playfully through a dazzling photo session and whose beautiful, intense images will amaze you!

Berten is a passionate photographer with a lot of experience in portraying. Both in his photo studio and on location in your company or at your favorite location, he combines his experience and excellent craftsmanship with his gift to put you at ease and to make you relax. This results in striking, sparkling photos.

Ann helps you choose your most beautiful images professionally and with a sense of aesthetics, after which she, with an open mind, together with you, looks for the presentation form that exactly matches your style and individuality. Your favorite images are then finished with the greatest care. The result is a work of art that you can be rightly proud of. Be sure to take a look at our photo gallery, where you can also discover our different presentation forms such as canvas, alubond, 3D box, photo book.

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